Not a simple school for pizza makers, but a school to obtain the “Pizza laTana” certificate.  The school is not just for new pizza makers, but also for already professional pizza makers, who want to acquire our particular recipe and methodology.

If you own a pizzeria, you can easily double your customers with our recipe, our customers are literally enthusiastic about it and are back!

Seeing is believing.

Our pizza stands out from the others for higher quality, digestibility, conservation.

The “Pizza laTana” as opposed to the usual classic Neapolitan pizza, which you find in most pizzerias in Japan [but also in Italy], makes customers give up “sharing” (a Pizza for two or more).

The Japanese customers are generally not used to have on many carbohydrates, but those who taste our Pizza for the first time remain enthusiastic about it, so much as to ask for another.

This is due to the greater digestibility of the same pizza and the surprising quality that makes the customers find it “crunchy”, “crumbly” and “soft” at the same time (many were the testimonials of our customers).

Pizza Napoletana d.o.g.c

Furthermore, our Pizza is best suited for TakeOut, due to the special processing technique that allows greater durability over time, making it not hard even after 24 hours.

If you are interested in registering for our courses, write to us for more details.

If you are also interested but first want to check the quality of the “Pizza la Tana”, then come and visit us, here you will find the details of our restaurant:, in the blog section you can find some photos, on Instagram follow us, we are ” pizza_la_tana “

Our school is not limited to teaching only pizza dough, but also to the final preparation of these.

We will teach you the secret of our Pizza al Pesto, Margherita and our fabulous 4 Cheeses (which you don’t even find in Italy), but also Bismark, Tuna and Onions, Tris and others. 

You will not leave my school unless you have actually learned how to prepare the “Pizza laTana”, and only those who have our certificate can show it in their pizzeria; furthermore, for those wishing to test their skills with real customers, they can request to work in our restaurant for one or more days.

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